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    [ Ultimate Showdown ] We Reviewed Bobby's and Googies .

    Bobby's and Googi's . These two names need no introduction to the food loving students of Himachal Pradesh University but since long, we all have wondered which one of them is actually better? Yes! We set out to find this by comparing the taste , quality and prices (which were almost equal ).


    Let's start with the Breakfast , Obviously Pranthas are the most ordered menu item before 12 noon every day and guess what googies surely offer good paranthas than bobby bhaiya offers. You can add more taste to your paranthas by buying a bowl of curd for just Rupees 10 at googies . Sometimes it feels like bobby's bhaiya forgot to put stuffing into the parantha :p .
                              Aloo Paratha Recipe


    Talking of the khana (rajma-chawal) , both bobby's and googies give tough competition to each other. While you can get a half plate for Rupees 20 from Bobby bhaiya , you'll have to spend Rupees 25 at Googies but that hardly matters because you'll also get some extra quantity for that extra 5 bucks you  spent at Googies but the taste is good(not that much tasty but can be termed as ok!) at both places.   


    Coming to the snacks Bobby bhaiya offers burgers , patties and other things but believe us these things are not worth eating at Bobby's and Googies , but on the other hand you can have hot and crispy pakora's and Milk Shakes (Exclusive at Googi's) at Googies which are finger lickin good ;) . The area where Bobby bhaiya is way ahead of Googies is that he can attract more customers because of his jolly and friendly nature , while you have to see that unresponsive or angry faced uncle at Googies counter :P .


    They both have their merits and demerits and it's your own choice where you love to eat but our review found Googies to be better then Bobby's except if you are not befriended with Bobby bhaiya :) . And also with Pink Petals back in town we might expect more competition and obviously more options for us students :) . Tell us what you think is the best place to eat in the HPU campus in the comments section below.
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